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The Tianshi Group is a privately held corporation by Mr. Jinyuan Li, the Founder and President of Tianshi Health Products, Inc. Mr. Li is a leader and a visionary who continues to provide stewardship and guidance as president of The Tianshi Group, Inc. Mr. Li knew that, while "tradition" shares essential truths about nutrition, Tianshi needed a non-traditional economic model to meet the demands of doing business in a country as vast and rapidly developing as China. He recognized that the powerful word-of-mouth advertising and sales of Network Marketing ("MLM" or "multi-level" marketing) were the engine Tianshi needed to promote its product revelations throughout China and later, the world. Tianshi was founded on August 3rd, 1995, refered to as 8.3 , in Tianjin China by Mr. Jinyuan Li. Mr. Li's ideal is to explore and perfect thousands of years of Chinese herbal knowledge, blend it with modern technology and create quality inovative products to spread health and friendship through out the world.

Sumatera Selata - Palembang

. Sabtu, 29 Maret 2008
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Stockist 301 Palembang
Jl. Sri Jaya Negara No. 27A Bukit Besar

Stockist 302 Palembang
Handoko Kosasih
Jl. Kapten Cek Syeh No. 177 18 Ilir

Stockist 307 Palembang
Izhar Basri
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 2685 C

Stockist 313 Palembang
Jl. Karet No. 5

Stockist 320 Palembang
Ir. Mukiat
Jl. Inspektur Marjuki Lr. Mandiri No. 121

Stockist 327 Palembang
Jl. R. Sukamto 1335B (Samping Pom Bensin PTC)

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